Imagery and graphics

Photography and imagery should reflect our ambition to act as a conduit between people and business. It should speak of communication, connection and facilitation.

Consistency is key to the Conduit brand, so please protect it.

For help and advice on any element of the brand, or design work relating to these guidelines please contact;

Tristan McDonald
Michael Mattinson
Gavin Warren

Our logo
Colour and type
Stationery and templates
Social media guidance

The lines that run throughout the imagery reflect the lines from the logo symbol. These images have been created specifically for Conduit. If you require high res versions of any of these images please contact;

If you need an image created different to the ones here please contact;

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The Conduit graphic lines

The Conduit graphic lines can be used in a variety of ways. Either on their own, part of imagery (as used above) or a combination of both.

To achieve maximum impact try to use the graphic lines on a white or Conduit blue background. If this isn’t possible make sure the background isn’t cluttered or has an insufficient contrast.

The Conduit lines are made of of five lines that reflects the Conduit logo symbol. The space in-between the lines equals the thickness of one of the lines.

The two primary oranges make up the gradient that runs through the lines. For consistency keep the gradient at 0% and 100%.

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Imagery examples

Examples of how the imagery and Conduit graphic lines can be used together on literature.

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Photography style

Profile head and shoulder shots for the website and use in presentations should be black and white, looking face on.