Conduit Re’s Value proposition

A unique opportunity
Conduit Re is focused on producing strong risk adjusted returns from a diversified and focused business plan. The business has been formed to capitalise on an exceptional market opportunity but to build value over the long term.

As a new business, Conduit Re has no legacy exposure and its strong and unencumbered balance sheet will be fully available to write new business in an attractive market environment.

Conduit Re is being launched at an opportune time to maximise the benefits that new technology enables us to do. We will invest in and leverage technology to support and enable our underwriting teams and maximise operating efficiency.

We focus particularly on data-driven pricing, analytics and exposure management and aim to maximise our use of technology to ensure the team is positioned to make the best real-time capacity allocation and underwriting decisions in a highly efficient and transparent operating environment.

Underwriting philosophy
The founders believe that franchise value in a reinsurance business is built around a disciplined and focussed underwriting plan and Conduit Re is therefore intended to be a pure play reinsurance underwriting business with limited risk being taken on the investment of its assets in order to protect solvency capital and rating at all times.

Building a franchise
Conduit Re plans to build a strong underwriting franchise which will target returns on equity in the mid-teens. The business will have a balanced approach to catastrophe risk exposures and will seek to generate franchise value through the quality of its underwriting and its diverse portfolio of business.