Our strategy reflects our business culture, our core values, our views on risk, and stakeholder considerations. These factors inform our annual business planning cycle and the setting of risk appetite.

"Creating a clear Conduit vision has always been a critical part of our mission. Our successful journey is directly attributed to the strong culture we have created and to the hard-working, high-performing team that we have built."

Neil Eckert Executive Chairman

Our business objectives are:

  • Build a sustainable business for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders
  • Deliver profitability and a mid-teens return on equity across the cycle

Our vision is to build Conduit Re as a leading reinsurance business, delivering sustainable long-term returns through the market cycle.

We are...


We use...


We embrace...

  • a pure-play reinsurer in a single location in Bermuda
  • a business with no conflicts of interest with our cedants
  • client, geography and product neutral
  • an open culture where knowledge transfer is facilitated and collaborative challenge is encouraged
  • modern, modular technology to provide enhanced portfolio insight
  • a broad view to exploring solutions in ever-changing market conditions, unhindered by legacy systems and issues
  • an integrated approach to ESG, building this into our operations, underwriting and investment activities

to enable...


to create...


to deliver...

  • fast, flexible and informed decision making 
  • a diverse, inclusive, fun working environment
  • long-term sustainable benefits for our stakeholders

Underpinned by our culture:

Transparent, collaborative, responsible, enabled and forward-thinking.