As at 11 June 2024 Conduit Holdings Limited had 165,239,997 commons shares in issue and has been notified (via forms TR-1: standard form for notification of major holdings in accordance with DTR 5.3.1R(1)) of the following interests of 5% or more in the voting rights in its common shares:



FIL Limited


Aviva PLC


Artemis Investment Management LLP


Janus Henderson Group PLC


Zedra Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited*


*Unless specifically directed by CHL, the Conduit EBT Trustee shall abstain from exercising its voting rights over the Shares held by the Conduit EBT at any general meeting of CHL. If CHL directs that the Conduit EBT Trustee may vote, CHL cannot direct the manner in which the Conduit EBT Trustee exercises its votes.