We actively seek diversity

Diversity is in large part about good governance. We seek diversity to support us in making better decisions through alternate perspectives. See our Annual Report and Accounts and our ESG Report for details of our overall, Board and senior management diversity.

Diversity is also important in a social context, reducing the risk of bias, discrimination and creating a more fair and inclusive society. To this end we are focused on the development of diverse local talent and on inclusivity.

On launch in December 2020, while diversity of thought had been front of mind and was reflected in the range of backgrounds and career histories of our initial team, diversity from the perspective of gender, race and age was limited at employee level. We were largely white, male, and middle-aged.

As our team grew, gender diversity improved both across our entire staff base and in relation to executive management and their direct reports. Racial diversity has also more gradually progressed.

"At Conduit we seek to support impactful local initiatives. That’s why I’m proud of our continued participation in Bermuda's Youth Climate Summit, the SCARS training we provided our staff and our work with Meals on Wheels Bermuda, together with the many causes supported by our Conduit Foundation."

Stuart Quinlan Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer