Diverse and inclusive environment

We embrace individuality and recognise that inclusivity will not only create a positive environment but will enhance our overall achievements.

Conduit seeks to be a responsible company in all aspects of our business. As a Conduit employee, you will find yourself working with people with diverse backgrounds.

We embrace the inherent diversity of each of our employees. We recognise the importance of diversity and we aim to build a culture and office environment which embraces, respects and includes all talented individuals, regardless of their background. This is from both the perspective of gender and race, and also in relation to diversity of experience and perspectives. Everyone is welcome at Conduit, and everyone is a valued member of the team.

Conduit Re embraces and supports our employees’ differences in age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, language differences, nationality or national origin, family or marital status, physical or mental development abilities, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, skin colour, social economic class, education, work and behavioural styles, political affiliation, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

DEI Collage (1) DEI Collage (1)

In the first few years of our business, our diversity grew organically through the recruitment of diverse talent. As we look ahead to the future, we continue to see that hiring the right talent and allowing them to be active in their development and progression as a critical element of our business progress.

One of our key people strategies is to build a sustainable, diverse talent pipeline. In this way we continuously improve and develop programmes and policies to ensure we have the right people with the right skills in the right job at the right time.