Our logo

The Conduit logo is the most immediate representation of the company, people and brand. The logo is a precious asset and must constantly be protected.

The Conduit logo makes a bold and powerful statement. By presenting ourselves clearly and consistently, our name and logo will be easily and instantly recognised.

Consistency is key to the Conduit brand, so please protect it.

For help and advice on any element of the brand, or design work relating to these guidelines please contact;

Tristan McDonald
Michael Mattinson
Gavin Warren

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Primary logo

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EPS file (vector)

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Our logo is made up of two elements: the logo symbol and the logotype.

The logotype and logo symbol should never be used on their own.

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Exclusion zone

In order to maintain the integrity of the Conduit logo, it is important that no other logos, type or graphical elements infringe on its space.

The minimum clear space of X is determined by the ‘X’ height of the Conduit logo symbol as demonstrated. This applies to electronic application as well.

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Minimum sizes

For clarity and legibility the logo must never appear smaller than shown in the diagrams.

When using the logo, please ensure that the minimum size and clear space is adhered to in all applications.

In special instances, such as branded merchandise the logo may be reduced without compromising its readability.

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Logo variants

Whenever possible use the primary versions of the logo. We understand this isn’t always possible so we also have single colour black and white version of the logo.

Download logo file pack
EPS file (vector)

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Logo positioning

Placement of the logo is extremely important to the visual identity of the brand. Having the logo in a consistent place will help build brand recognition. Where possible the logo should be placed in either the top left or right corners of literature.

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Incorrect logo application

As with any creative identity guidelines, there will be elements that are open to interpretation. The Conduit logo operates around rules of common sense. If it doesn’t make sense, or looks odd, then it’s probably wrong. To help, here are some examples of what should never be done to the logo.