A sustainable future for all

The reinsurance industry has an extraordinary opportunity to use its vast resources to drive positive social change. It is an honour to chair the Conduit Foundation and assist in its efforts in ensuring a fairer and more just society for all.

Sir Nicholas Soames

Sir Nicholas Soames conduit foundation - ensuring a fairer and more just society for all

Conduit has pledged to embed ESG principles within every aspect of our business.
With that in mind, we have established the Conduit Foundation, a registered Bermuda charity that will seek to sponsor and support a number of social initiatives.

Conduit Foundation’s Mission

The Conduit Foundation’s mission is to make a positive impact on the Bermuda community by supporting organisations and outreach projects focused on the environment, diversity & inclusion initiatives, education and Bermuda’s vulnerable populations. The Foundation intends to invest in results-based projects that will make a meaningful impact in the community and reflect Conduit Re’s Environmental, Social and Governance values.  The Conduit Foundation will:

  • Encourage programmes that demonstrate measurable objectives and outcomes to support the protection of the environment and community understanding about climate change;
  • Support programmes that will provide meaningful results assisting dislocated groups such as the elderly and youth;
  • Provide youth with opportunities for work experience, internships and scholarships.

The Foundation is unable to support the following organizations (exceptions may be made where such organizations are coordinating a specific programme falling within the Foundation’s mission):

  • Religious organisations
  • Government organisations
  • Schools
  • Political donations
  • Multi-year donations
  • Fundraising for Medical Fees

Applications and supporting documents or any questions should be submitted to: conduitfoundation@conduitre.bm


I have always believed passionately that the free market can be a force for good, and our overall goal at Conduit is to maximise overall value in the long term rather than short term profit. I believe that the most valued businesses of the future will be those that adopt the values of responsible capitalism.

Neil Eckert